Make or Break with Online Credit Card Payments

Make or Break with Online Credit Card Payments

Some people mistakenly think that a sale is done when the goods are delivered. The goods are delivered but the transaction is not completed yet. A sale is completed only when the invoice is paid and the money is safely in your bank. This is true whether it is an online or offline business. If you are running an offline business, the likely scenario is you snail mail a nicely printed invoice after the goods are delivered. But you don’t want to do that if you are running an online business. It is not that you cannot perform a Cash on Demand (C.O.D.) or have your customer snail mail you a cheque. There are better and more efficient alternatives.

Almost all savvy online merchants will have their customers pay via credit cards. If your online business does not have credit card payment services, seriously consider getting one NOW. Otherwise, you are going to lose business to competitors who offer such a hassle-free convenience. As you already know, internet business depends on the wealth of emotion you ignite within your client as he reads your carefully choreographed sales letter. Just imagine how your prospect would react when you have gotten him all excited to click the “buy” button and then let him down by not offering credit card processing facilities. Even if your product or service is laced with lots of irresistible offers, just think, how many people will actually get up, go dig for the cheque book, hunt for a pen and mail the cheque? Most would shrug and log off. You lose a client and a sale

It is prudent to shop around for the right payment processor partner. Some will take a percentage of your sale while others charge a monthly fee on top of that. However, price is not the only concern. Some payment processors only accept low risk businesses as clients, and will reject high risk businesses. Yet there are those like Advantage Processors (which I just read about) who offer full fledged services for both online and offline credit card processing, and also for both high risk and low risk businesses. Such a one-stop service provider will be ideal for those who have extensive business ventures.

With online business all the rage these days, it is imperative that you offer all kinds of payment services to ensure that you are not losing business unnecessarily. Don’t put this off by saying “I don’t know who to use” or “I don’t know how to go about doing it”. Ask around, you may have contacts and friends who are happy with their payment processors. Otherwise, surf the wonderful world of Internet. This is how I came to know about Advantage Processors and the full fledge services it offers.

Just don’t sell yourself short by not offering credit card payments. Most of us can’t live without credit cards!

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