Business Slogan 12: Don’t Leave Home Without It

Business Slogan 12: Don’t Leave Home Without It

A carefully crafted business slogan speaks volumes of it’s brand values and promises, successfully.

Guess when was this slogan developed:

“Don’t leave home without it”

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Answer: American Express (developed Ally & Gargano in 1982)

You will not feel safe and secure enough to enjoy a convenient and hassle-free day if you go out without your American Express card. Don’t you feel the immense power behind that small piece of plastic?

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7 Replies to “Business Slogan 12: Don’t Leave Home Without It”

  1. Hi there,

    It’s funny what slogans can leave as an impression. Our slogan is ‘we follow no one…’

    We use it for part of our signage on our vehicles. What it means is that we do things differently, but it’s amazing how many vehicles try to speed up and cut in front of us because of it :)

    BWT, I stumbled across your site from another listing you as part of the Technorati favs exchange.

    I’ve added you to my favs.

    My username is fastfastlane, and link to my fav is


  2. Hi Deborah
    Thanks for shopping by, Deborah. “We follow no one” is a strong slogan. It basically tells people that you are the market leader, charting new route to expansion and success for yourself and your client. Good one! Well, those vehicles trying to overtake you probably felt insecured and threatened by your bold statement. That simply means they don’t have enough substance. You should feel real proud of your transport company :) Stay in touch.

  3. Hi Vivienne, interesting commentary about the American Express slogan. I actually stumbled across your posting while doing research for an article. Have you also noticed the name American Express uses on the cards featured in their advertisements… C.F. Frost? He worked for their ad agency and is the one that created the “Do you know me?” campaigns. It’s funny, still to this day in honor of him, Amex uses “C F Frost” on all their card advertisements.

  4. No problem Vivienne… and thank YOU for the enlightenment too! I’ve learned much from your blog, I’m glad I discovered it. I was wondering what you think of the recent American Express campaigns they do? The last few years here in the U.S. they’ve been big with celebrities endorsing their credit cards in their ads. I think it is effective because they always do it in a funny way.

  5. Anyone who uses celebrities for endorsements take some risk that the endorser might generate negative headlines. Dior has to pull out all Chinese ads with Sharon Stone because of her remark of the China SiChuan Earthquake. Pepsi also dropped the Michael Jackson when he was no longer seen as squeaky clean. However, Tiger Woods has by far been a great endorser for American Express. The golfer epitomizes the virtues of success. perseverance and hard work, admirable traits that Amex believe will connect with their existing cardholders and more importantly, the future cardholders.

    BTW, just popped in to your Forum and found lots of interesting interaction going on.

  6. Yeah I remember hearing about the Dior/China debacle. You are absolutely right in that they can be risky. I think American Express, or any other company, should not “lock” in a celebrity endorsement for too long since their popularity can change rather quickly. The celebrities they’ve been using lately (like Seinfeld and Ellen Degeneres) are pretty neutral, universally liked people. But of course if they had one slip of tongue like Sharon Stone did, that popularity could change in a heartbeat. Indeed Tiger Woods is a great choice as an endorsement.. now wonder he’s the first athlete to pull in over a $100M/year.

    About the forum – thank, I try to encourage a lot of interesting conversation on there.

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