Online Shopping + Online Coupon = Great Experience

Online Shopping + Online Coupon = Great Experience

Just met up 2 friends for coffee, they had the idea of rounding up respectable brands to provide offers to clients through the use of coupons. As the cost for printing thousands of beautifully designed coupon books is rather formidable, they looked towards online coupon. I thought it was a fabulous idea and that sparked me to run a search on the internet to find out what’s out there.

The conclusion I reached was online shopping and online coupon made a great combination. I can do last minute shopping with a discount offer without leaving my house/office or wherever I was. I can even do it at 3am if I chose to. The monetary incentive and convenience would convinced any serious internet marketers to consider online coupon as a viable marketing and promotion option.

Just to illustrate how easy and simple the mechanics can be, I will use an example from CouponChief. Say, you need to send a bouquet of flowers to your mother for her birthday. You found ProFlowers under “Flowers & Gifts” and clicked on it. It should lead you to ProFlowers Coupon where you find the attractive ProFlowers deals like 12 free roses when you ordered 12 roses. To enjoy the discount as specified, all you need to remember is to verify the expected saving on the order confirmation page. You will not have a chance to make any mistake as clear instructions were listed.

Internet marketers should take heed that this could well be a viral marketing exercise. If you enjoyed the convenience of your online shopping experience at 3am and you overheard a colleague, Deborah, lamenting that she totally forgot about ordering flowers for her mum. You could be a big help by sending a email to Deborah and said “Hey, Deborah, don’t sweat over little things. Take advantage of the special ProFlowers deals and you will get the flowers delivered on time and on top of that, with a big offer. At the same time, you can pick out other gift items from other merchant listed at CouponChief. ” It is a no-brainer that you would be as sweet as a rose to Deborah for a long time. And because of that, you are likely to similar emails to Tom, Dick, Harry, Mary, Jane and Joan. When they duplicated what you did, sales at ProFlowers would increase. At the end of the day, it will be a win-win situation for all parties involved. CouponChief got more online merchants joining it’s community, internet marketers busied themselves with more sales, online customers enjoyed paying less for more. Such win-win combination will work for a long time. Marketing is all about yielding good results through linear effort.

So internet marketers who have not consider using online coupons at their own sites or leverage on online coupon organisation should seriously start planning so. No one would resist an irresistible offer when the desire to buy is already there.

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Online Shopping + Online Coupon = Great Experience

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