Coupon Deal Sites in Singapore

Coupon Deal Sites in Singapore

Did you hear that Groupon might be in trouble? Did you also hear that a lot of coupon sites are still coming up?

Isn’t that strange? For example, in Singapore, there are more and more coupon sites and deal sites coming up. Of course, many of them come and go. Some last a while and disappear, while others tend to stay on for a bit. Some have even been expanding.

Why do some coupon sites fail while others succeed? Why do some deal sites have so much activity while others are like ghost towns?


Yes, proper appreciation and understanding of your marketing niche is critical. If you are able to understand your customer’s needs and wants, if you are able to identify them and them position yourself correctly, you are in. Otherwise, you are out.

Take a look at these sites from Singapore and see if you can spot those who will be still around in a year’s time!

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  1. This article was written in Nov 2011, and here’s an update in Jul 2012:
    1. Reebonz City has ceased operation
    2. JigoCity has ceased operation in Singapore
    3. City Nomad and Urban Journey have changed their modus operandi

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