Social Networking in the Working World

Social Networking in the Working World

It is so easy to take part in the social networking world when you are just a student. What you had for breakfast, where are you now and the many other foibles don’t seem to matter that much.

Then, look at the people who have had some really bad things happen to them when they too participated. The lady who lost her job because she was partying while on Medical Leave, the guy who bad-mouthed his boss…

Well, I don’t know where my friend got this, but I thought it was a really interesting decision tree to share with everyone. So, take a look and let me know what you think.

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  1. Though I think this flowchart is funny, I find it even funnier when not posting about work stuff needs to be spelled out. There soon will be a time when admissions in schools are going to look at Facebook profiles to decide what student to admit into their classrooms. Of course, one can always hide their profile…

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