Business Slogan 32: Have It Your Way

Business Slogan 32: Have It Your Way

A carefully crafted business slogan speaks volumes of it’s brand values and promises, successfully.

Before you clicked on the commercial, guess who used this famous slogan, abandoned it and resurrect it after some 30 years

“Have It Your Way”

Answer: Burger King (developed by Batten, Burton, Durstine and Osborne in 1974)

Burger King, the No. 2 burger chain with over 11,000 restaurants worldwide, used this slogan in 1974. Subsequently, this famous line was abandoned in favour of the more forgettable ones for the next 30 years.Why would Burger King used back an abandoned slogan? One explanation is that the retro culture is in and the future is out. Babyboomers and Generation Xers were nostalgic about things yesterdays. By refusing to grow up, they have a penchants for products, icons, and yes, slogans, that reminded them how to feel excitable and happy like kids again. So with classics like Volkswagen New Beetle, Cabbage Patch Kids and table hockey getting hips and parents dragging their kids to watch Star Wars: Episode III � Revenge of the Sith, it’s no better time than to bring back BK’s own classic.Research indicated “Have It Your Way” was still the theme people can resonate to. When you have an ad campaign that sticky, it’s foolish to go against it,” said Russ Klein, BK’s chief global marketing officer, in 2004.

These are what they have used from 1976 to 2003 … and ask yourself, if “Have It Your Way” is indeed the most venerable of the lot.

1976 – 87
1976 – “America Loves Burgers and We’re America’s BURGER KING”
1978 – “Best Darn Burger”
1979 – “Make It Special, Make It BURGER KING”
1985 – “Herb”
1986 – “BURGER KING Town”
1987 – “Best Food for Fast Times” by J. Walter Thompson1987 – 89
1987 – “We Do It Like You Do It” by NW Ayer1989 – 93
1989 – “Sometimes You’ve Gotta Break The Rules” by Saatchi
1991 – “Your Way, Right Away”
1992 – “BK Tee Vee” by D’arcy Masius Benton & Bowles (DMB&B)1994
“Back to Basics” General Market by UniWorld Group, Inc.

1994 – 2001
1994 – “Get Your Burger’s Worth”
1996 – Food & Music Campaign – “It Just Tastes Better”
1999 – Going the Distance Campaign – “When You Have It Your Way It Just Tastes Better”
2000 – Seductive Food Campaign – “Got The Urge?”
Lowe, Lintas & Partners – General Market and Kids Club

2001 – 2002
2001 – “THE WHOPPER SAYS(SM)” by McCann Erickson

2002 – 2003
“Cookin’ over an Open Fire” by AMOEBA

September 2002
National BURGER KING Value Menu Launch by Deutsch, Inc.

2003 – 2004
“THE FIRE’S READY(sm)” by Young & Rubicam, Inc.

2004 – Present
“HAVE IT YOUR WAY�” by Crispin Porter & Bogusky

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5 Replies to “Business Slogan 32: Have It Your Way”

  1. The “Have it your way’ is the best amongst all others. However, it’s always true that whatever we’re associated for a long time or grown up with, will always be etched in our memory and we’re nostalgic about it. Isn’t it? Thanks for the good post.

  2. “Have it your way” is a powerful slogan because it’s not only positive but it attacks what used to be a big drawback to their largest competitor. Unlike a slogan that’s just a feel-good statement, it differentiates BK’s offerings. It’s actually a bit easier to get a customized McDonald’s sandwich these days, but I think the slogan continues to resonate.

    I’d almost forgotten Herb; there was a guy who looked like BK’s icon for that year. Since the point of the promotion was to spot Herb in a restaurant and win a prize, the poor guy was gang-tackled every time he entered a Burger King. (And he was probably just one of many Herb lookalikes!)


  3. I was a child in 1974, but I still remember “Have it your way.” None of the other slogans have any staying power with me at all. In fact, if you would have asked me (before I read your post) who used the slogan “The Fires Ready,” I wouldn’t have been able to say.

  4. Hi Neuromarketing
    I still think BK is a lot more friendlier and live up to the “Have It Your Way” business model. I asked for my BK submarine to be cut into 2 and there were no question asked. A similar question was directed to it’s largest competitor and they provided a plastic knife. I agreed that the slogan continues to resonate.

    === ===
    Hi Laura
    Me too… the only one I vaguely remembered was “Cookin’ over an open fire.”

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