Great Ad 5: Ready to Quit?

Great Ad 5: Ready to Quit?

A static ad exhaling continuously with real smoke and smoky effect as long as the bus is puffing and huffing along.

Why is this ad powerful?

Attract attention: A big bald head frowning and puffing blackish smoke at you.

Easy to understand: Just imagine if you were standing behind the bus and you inhaled a large amount of black, smelly and toxic exhaust when the bus pulled off. Can you smell the pungent waste? Does it leave a terrible smell on your shirt? Were you disgusted when the smoke hit your face? Now, imagine if you are inhaling that every day as a smoker or as an unfortunate passive smoker …

Strong message: If you don’t like to be hit by the exhaust, it’s time to stop smoking because that’s what you were doing to yourself by smoking.

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6 Replies to “Great Ad 5: Ready to Quit?”

  1. I think every smoker would love to quit there just can’t handle the withdrawal symptoms, or withdrawal phase. I’ve never met a smoker who didn’t want to quit. They just don’t known how to. But you put it so well and so interestingly i have never looked at it that way before.

  2. I like the ad for one simple reason: it is different. Will it cause someone to stop smoking? Maybe, maybe not. What it may do is to reinforce the brand, a good move in and of itself.

  3. Simple, effective and in your face (literally). Personally, I have never seen an anti-smoking ad which isn’t cleverly conceived or weighty in its message. However, I wonder how effective it really is. Will smokers just laugh it off with the absurdity of the whole idea?

  4. As a non smoker I’m all for stopping this disgusting habit. It sucks getting smoke blown into your face in the middle of dinner at restaurants and bars. But, having said this, I also understand that smokers would have their own arguments.

  5. Nice ad. It will really catch the attention of the people that will passed by this bus. I think this is not enough for those smokers to stop. Maybe the more effective way is to show them what happens to the body of people who smokes.

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