Great Ad 7: Buenos Aires Zoo

Great Ad 7: Buenos Aires Zoo

The credits for this series, “Get Much More for Much Less”, goes to Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi

Buenos Aires Zoo-Giraffles

Buenos Aires Zoo-Polar Bear

Buenos Aires Zoo-Lion

Why is it powerful?

Attract Attention: You’ll be wondering, “Why are there two of the same animal with one of them looking kinda odd?”

Easy to understand: On closer examination, you see that the left one is a plush toy. A plush toy costs a hefty $30 while you can look at the real thing as long as you want for a mere $7.

Strong Message: You get to see the animal up close and personal, taking in their every move and sound, learning more about their habitats, personalities and characteristics. Investing $7 in the zoo gets you richer immediately in knowledge and experiences, plus many hours of good fun. Compared to a plush toy, you will Get Much More for Much Less.

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Great Ad 7: Buenos Aires Zoo

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