Great Ad 8: Drink Milk

Great Ad 8: Drink Milk

I like this series of milk ads, they are really easy to understand.

Milk for Bone

Why are they good? Well, they …

Attract Attention: White milk gushing into white bone/white tooth against a blue background with the white “Milk” logo at the top. Very distinct colour contrasts, yet juxtaposition harmoniously, making the core product, the benefits and the logo stand out prominently.

Easy to understand: Drink milk for stronger teeth and bones.

Strong product endorsement: With milk gushing and filling the tooth and bones, and the unmistakable milk logo, the message cannot be more clear. If you are wondering why the advertiser did not bother with a headline or body copy to explain milk gives calcium thus building up strong bones and teeth. Well, my take is the advertiser is paying you a compliment by assuming that you should know this if you can read the magazine/newspaper.

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