Are You Online Yet?

Are You Online Yet?

I would guess that this might appear to be a very strange question, especially in today’s world, where almost everyone is “online” in one way or another. Actually, it’s one thing to be present in the online world, and quite another to be noticed.

If a tree fell in the middle of a jungle and no one was around to hear, did it make a sound? In a very similar way, you could spend a lot of time, money and effort doing up a nice, beautiful website; but if no one knew it existed, are you online yet?

Usually, I would give my clients some search engine marketing hints to prod them into exploring a little deeper, this brave new world of online marketing. Education is the first step. So, using Google and visiting sites like would definitely be a must for those who are new to online marketing. I found this site quite interesting, with its list of PPC tools, and SEO tools.

I am sure that as we open our minds and explore, we can find many great resources online. But if you are serious about getting an online marketing program going, it might be too late if your plan had to wait for your graduation. There are many professional agencies with knowledge and experience that can help. Ask around for referrals if you must.

Remember, just being there means nothing if no one else knows you are there.

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