Russell Brunson’s The IM-Myth

Russell Brunson’s The IM-Myth

Just heard about The IM Myth from my friend, Business Peanut. He said:

Got this email but not sure if you are interested or not. Russell Brunson has a Brand New Special Report called “The IM-Myth” and is GIVING it away to you for ZERO COST! This will launch at midnight, Tuesday Oct 2nd. But here is the exciting part! You will earn $1 for EVERYONE you give this report to! And $0.50 for everyone THEY give it to!

Russell BrunsonI’m not particularly thrilled about that $1 reward but I’m intrigued with what internet guru Russell Brunson has to offer this time. A search online revealed that Russell Brunson’s The IM Myth (i.e.,The Internet Marketing Myth) report will reveal why people don’t make as much as they should online. Hmm…

Whether you have been to the World Internet Summit or the likes, I’m sure you have read many inspiring and interesting stories on those who strike gold online within a few weeks or a few months. Sure, some people have made loads of money but the reality is most people don’t.

Whether you are an internet marketer or not, I encourage you to grab a copy of The IM Myth (i.e.,The Internet Marketing Myth) right away. Never mind that you think you will not become the next internet millionaire. Never mind that you don’t care about the $1 bait that Russell Brunson is tangling. The insights from a well known, successful and respected internet marketer will fertilize your brain cells and enrich you somehow, somewhat.

Checking out The IM Myth might just be one of the most productive things you do today.

(After words: 9am eastern time 3 Oct: Just downloaded a 44-page report and chose to pay an additional USD1 for a CD of Russell Brunson. Will share with you what I get out of the report later.)

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3 Replies to “Russell Brunson’s The IM-Myth”

  1. It sounds like a pyramid scheme of some sort (although I can’t imagine he can keep giving it for free and paying people for very long). Of course, if it’s free I am tempted to look into it and perhaps review it for my blog.

  2. Hi Laura
    That’s exactly I thought when I read BusinessPeanut’s email. He must have a big and deep war chest even though he specified the reward period being 3-9 Oct.

    === ===
    Hi Ian
    Doubt a successful internet marketer like Russell Brunson will write about internet marketing being dead. I suspect he might be using this report to promote his seminar or something like that. Let’s see.

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