What’s Inside Russell Brunsen’s The IM-Myth

What’s Inside Russell Brunsen’s The IM-Myth

The IM-Myth by Russell BrunsenRussell Brunsen created lots of interest when he announced he would reward you with $1 for every successful referral of his free ebook, The IM-Myth, and $0.50 for everyone your friends referred.

Out of pure curiosity on what this young and successful internet marketer is offering. I downloaded and read the entire 44-page ebook at 2am.

What did this young and successful internet marketer got to say? Well, he said internet marketing is like having a “Lamborghini on a dead end road”. He meant it. He put his words onto his book cover. He also said:

The myth is that internet marketing is a business. The internet is not a business. The internet is a type of media (just like radio and TV) that can be used to generate leads VERY quickly for your business.

How’s that? Pretty interesting eh?

What else did he say in The IM-Myth?

  • The the money is NOT in the list.
  • How to suck the buyers OUT of your autoresponder, and contact them in a way that will guarantee 3-4 times more profits with less work
  • How to get your subscribers to finance all of your marketing, so it won’t cost you ANYTHING (you’ll actually get paid just to market to them)
  • The “covert” off-line follow-up system he is using that trumps ANY email system in readability and response.
  • Ninja offline marketing tactics that humiliates traditional direct marketing methods
  • His secret resources and vendor list of people that do ALL of this work for you too
  • Pictures and examples of what is and isn’t working now in your business.

Click to download The IM-Myth here if you are curious to know more.

By the way, for those who are wondering if h’s sincere and genuine in rewarding $1 to every successful referral of his ebook: Well, he promised he will pay to your PayPal account by 31 October. The condition is you and your friends and your friends’ friends got to download The IM-Myth by 9 October.

He’s a cool marketer.

  • He offered something of value and he paid YOU for having it.
  • He scored full marks in all aspects of AIDA.
  • He enticed you to buy a CD at an incredibly low price of $1.
  • He gave out lots of bonuses.
  • He got a new list comprising prospects (those who downloaded but didn’t buy the $1 CD) and buyers (those who downloaded and bought the $1 CD).
  • His future earning is guaranteed as the buyers will be repeat buyers and prospects can be converted.

Russell Brunsen is cool (and not because he is voted as amongst the top “coolest guy on the planet”) … like so many successful internet marketers.

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3 Replies to “What’s Inside Russell Brunsen’s The IM-Myth”

  1. In the end, I didn’t click all the way through and order everything.


    Two reasons.

    1) He asked for a credit card and did not accept PayPal.
    2) The trial subscription requires me to take action and cancel or it automatically bills my credit card. (A big NO, NO in my book)

    Is his information wonderful and uniquely informative? Perhaps. From what I’ve seen, however, his sales techniques aren’t too different from those of hundreds of others on the Internet.

  2. Hi Laura
    1. Agreed. I would much prefer to pay via PayPal.
    2. A “big NO NO” to consumers, but a “big YES,YES” to internet marketer.
    His info is helpful but I wouldn’t say it’s earth-shaking. I agreed with him that internet in itself is not a business but a media. I also agreed that lots of off-line business principles can be and should be applied on online business.

  3. With so many things said about Internet marketing, it can be so hard to really identify which is which. Now there’s money being offered just so you download and read another IM claim?

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