Are You a Born Entrepreneur?

Are You a Born Entrepreneur?

A few days ago, I read a very interesting article by Greg Watson where he declared “Entrepreneurs are Born”. I wrote a post on that but that title kept echoing in my head. Well, I took a long hard look at myself and I had to conclude that I was born “normal”. No trace of the entrepreneur in my blood. Yet, I run two ad agencies today, have my fingers in several ventures here and there. Am I an “entrepreneur”?

You can read my post Entrepreneurs Are Born and then, I would like to hear what all of you have to say about this. There is already a lively on-going discussion through the Comments, but I would still like to see those who haven’t share their thoughts to contribute, so that we can share and learn from each other.

In fact, I am so fascinated by this right now, that I would like to tag a few people whom I really respect and hear their views. I’m inviting you to share your views on entrepreneurship in your blogs, and we might just have some more interesting insights to further enrich our life journey.

I’m inviting … … Asgeir Hoem ~ Calvin Warr ~ David Airey ~ Dave Olson ~ Ken Chee ~ Laura Spencer ~ Priscilla Palmer ~ Robin Bal ~ Walter Burek

I’ll include your links here for easy reference.

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13 Replies to “Are You a Born Entrepreneur?”

  1. Thanks, Vivienne! I’ll think about it. I haven’t turned 20, though, so it might be difficult to elaborate too much on this. It was interesting to read the discussion on your previous post.

    (I wonder what happened to my family name. Most of my incoming links the last few weeks have been to HoLm, not Hoem. :-D )

  2. Being young is no crime, it’s an asset. Especially somebody like you who have demonstrated maturity beyond your age. I wish I’m that wise when I’m 19. I have read your blog, read the comments you placed in other folks’ blogs to want to have your views. Old folks like us must learn from young people like you to think and act young.

    Thousands of apologies on the oversight. All fixed.

  3. Hi Vivienne!

    I just read Calvin’s response. I know which way I’m leaning on this one, but I just got back from my trip and am swamped with work. I’ll post later in the week.

  4. Hi Calvin
    I like this line “when a group is left stranded on an island, the leaders shall emerge, the followers will follow; and the entrepreneur will set up his coconut juice stand to feed them all.” Let me know when you start your coconut enterprise

    === ===

    Hi Laura
    Always good to have your views. Already looking forward …

  5. I believe that entrepeneurs are called. That most entrepreneurs don’t choose entrepreneurism, but the entrepreneurism chooses them.

    Historically, it would seem that entrepreneurs were born and not made because most entrepreneurs had enterprising vision from the earliest recollections. As I did. However, today we have a new breed of entrepreneurs, who are in business because they are tired of the corporate jungle and want security and real wealth. The entrepreneurs do not have early recollections of wanting to be a business owner as an early vision, however, many of them are becoming successful at it nonetheless.

    Long story short….Entrepreneurs are called!

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