Surprisingly High Readership on Sponsored Posts

Surprisingly High Readership on Sponsored Posts

I have heard more than once, from naysayers, that no one reads advertisements willingly and therefore, nobody will intentionally read paid posts.


It is with much interest that I read the results of a recent research conducted by PayPerPost which concluded the power of payperpost as an online advertising medium. A click through rate of 10.54% on paid posts is surprisingly high. It is more than five times more effective than the average Google Adword advertising campaign! The implications of this study, made against 40,000 bloggers and 8,000 advertisers; tell marketers that paid postings provide a much more reliable and dependable response than keywords.

Still, in the first place, why would anyone discount paid posts in blogs?

Blogs are a part of the online media. This is because all blogs share opinions and promote a particular viewpoint. High profile blogs with quality content naturally attract fans who visit the site faithfully and loyally for their daily fix. This in turn attract savvy marketers like bees to honey. Marketers are willing to pay millions to get David Beckham or Tiger Woods to endorse their products. So it is perfectly natural, and logical, for smart marketers to look for high profile bloggers to blog on their products or services online. If they can get such bloggers to use and endorse the products, you can safely bet that the sales will soar.

The naysayers said nobody reads advertisements. When you have a problem, you will ask for help. When you have a solution to a problem, you will want people to know about it. An advertisement is basically a bridge between problems and solutions, buyers and sellers. When you have needs, wants, questions, curiosity, problems, goals, you will look everywhere – including all forms of advertisements – for answers and solutions.

Sure, there are some black sheep that make paid posts look bad. They may have further convinced the naysayers that paid posts are blatant advertising with weak content and poor grammar. Some of the more wonderful critiques I’ve read are sponsored. I wouldn’t have known they were paid critiques except for words like “This has been a sponsored review.” Many of paid posts were dugged, stumbled and shared. As long as the blogger writes with honesty and integrity, there can still be good value to paid posts.

Marketers who ignore paid posts as a advertising medium are cutting themselves off from the real world. In today’s competitive market, you need to have a diversified media campaign to ensure that your message is omnipresent. You will not just invest in television commercial, you will put some money in national dailies and perhaps major periodicals. You should do the same for online, pay per click advertising isn’t the only medium. Don’t ignore well written, well meaning paid posts.

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4 Replies to “Surprisingly High Readership on Sponsored Posts”

  1. I see nothing wrong with sponsored posts. There are a lot of people out there who have a lot to say against the likes of payperpost in particular.

  2. As in everything else, one’s poison another’s meat.
    I have read excellent reviews that are sponsored posts, and I’ve gained good values from them. I shared the same sentiment that there’s nothing wrong with sponsored posts.

  3. Thanks for sharing the same view point. It takes absolute integrity on the writer’s part to pen his view in an unbiased manner and not to be clouded with the fees.

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