Business Slogan 29: A Great Way to Fly

Business Slogan 29: A Great Way to Fly

A carefully crafted business slogan speaks volumes of it’s brand values and promises, successfully.

Singapore Airline

Guess which airline is still using this 30-year old slogan:

“A Great Way to Fly”

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Answer: Singapore Airlines
(developed by Batey Ads)

It is certainly a great way to fly with the world famous iconic Singapore Girl, even after 30 years. It was amongst the first in the world to use an emotional selling proposition to create a differentiation. That campaign not only propelled the then small and insignificant airline onto the world stage, but also transformed the image of the island country, Singapore.

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7 Replies to “Business Slogan 29: A Great Way to Fly”

  1. ahhh… a fellow connoisseur of fine slogans.
    Reading your post on “A great way to fly” made me think of a tagline for saucepans : “A great way to fry…” or how about if it was for a Japanese airline with the cabin crew holding saucepans and going “Japan air-rines… A great way to fry”..

  2. Hi,
    It’s great to read these great slogans. It’s marvellous to know how beautifully all the slogans are crafted. I like to know more about great headlines and ads.

    Thank you for the great posts!

  3. Don’t forget its part of a bigger story. I think the full slogan is “Singapore Girl you are a great way to fly”.

    The iconic Singapore Girl Air Stewardess is a walking brand with hair, clothes and poise sealing the and creating the rest of the story.

    Till this day, it’s one of the most expensive airlines out there to fly.

  4. Hi DT
    I read the case study that Batey did when they got this account in 1972. They listed down the areas of importance the other airlines placed. “Service” was listed as #8. Ian Batey seized the opportunity and created the Singapore Girl. It may be the most expensive airlines to fly but it remains a favorite for most business travelers.
    There is a SIA print ad in The Straits Times this week. I did a quick check to confirm that the slogan used is simply “A Great Way to Fly”.

    Thanks for sharing, DT

  5. “A Great Way to Fly”… such a simple slogan, and yet it has been so successful. I think getting a slogan that sticks in people’s minds is sometimes just dumb luck; you never really know what is going to resonate with the consumers. I think DT has some good insight though. This particular slogan goes hand in hand with their iconic image of the Singapore girl (would the slogan mean as much without her)? Overall, you’ve got to have an appealing unified message (slogan, images, songs, etc.). However, that is easier said than done when you are dealing with a fickle population.

  6. Hi Ronald – Right time right place right people play a big part in having a successful campaign. Some people in Singapore is wondering why SIA doesn’t kill off the Singapore Girl, these folks just don’t understand the value of a well established icon. So far, fortunately, SIA turned a deaf ears to all such recommendation. As for the slogan, less talk about that but I wouldn’t be surprise one day some smart guys will say “It’s too simple, let’s have something more creative.” LOL.

  7. @ Vivienne Quek: “It’s too simple, let’s have something more creative.”

    LOL, what’s funny is that the most simple slogan is the most effective. For example, Mcdonalds “i’m luvin’ it” appeals to it’s demographic (mostly, people of lower class)

    What’s interesting is that Starbucks – one of the most success companies ever – don’t have a slogan! That’s right… no slogans. :D

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