Business Slogan 34: Buy It. Sell It. Love It.

Business Slogan 34: Buy It. Sell It. Love It.

A carefully crafted business slogan speaks volumes of it’s brand values and promises, successfully.

Like to make a guess who said this?

This business slogan summarizes the entire business model of eBay where sellers sell, buyers buy and a happy community is born. It basically tells you that eBay is the problem solver, a bridge betweens problems and solutions, buyers and sellers. On top of that, these 6 words are easy to understand, easy to remember, easy to use.

Having a good slogan is not enough, the marketing messages – whether online or offline – must be able to bring forth the meaning, essence and spirit of what the product is all about. I like this “That’s On eBay” with Christian Borle singing away an eBay version of “That’s Amore”. It made me feel really cheerful and happy that I can find whatever I couldn’t find elsewhere right here at eBay.

Pity the end bit is cut off. Anyone has a complete version?

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4 Replies to “Business Slogan 34: Buy It. Sell It. Love It.”

  1. I like the way you have explained it. The slogan should identify with the emotional part of a person. If it does then its easier for people to identify with it.
    Like mac donalds “i’m loving it.” Toyota has a slogan here in Kenya that they use and it goes like this. “The Car In front of you is always a Toyota.” Now this slogan makes you wonder if that statement is true. When you think about it Toyota have like over 70% of the Kenyan Car Market so even if you are on your car and you hear that advert chances are that if the car right in front of you isn’t a Toyota then the car after the one in front of you will likely be a Toyota.

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