What’s Your USP?

What’s Your USP?

When asked “what kind of business do you have?”, do you:

1. Have a long explanation to about what you do? or
2. Have a quick, snappy pitch that demonstrates the nature and strength of your business?

Do you have an USP?

Do you know what’s your unique selling proposition? Your USP is that component in your business that makes you different from, and therefore, seemingly superior to your competitors. It is absolutely important that you find something which your business has or does which is truly unique in your field. Fedex promised overnight delivery. Domino Pizza guaranteed a free pizza if it’s delivery is beyond 30 minutes. What’s yours?

Here are 9 questions to help you think along:

– Is your business the biggest or the fastest?
– Do you offer the best prices or the best service, or both?
– Do you have the best guarantee or great post sales service?
– Do you carry the most inventory?
– Or do you specialize in one key area?
– Are you the only such business in your district, town, or region?
– Do you deliver when others do not?
– Do you offer credit, returns, trial periods?
– Do you have the friendliest sales staff?

You probably don’t have all of them, but there must be something that sets you apart. That something which you can include into your marketing message that makes people see you as the problem solver and respect you as the solution provider. When you find that something, relate it to the benefits of your product/service that will help your customer. Every USP must be related to a direct customer benefit.

People don’t just want their letters and parcels couriered. They want it fast and Fedex made its target audience a no-nonsense promise: “When It Absolutely, Positively Has To Be There Overnight”. Fedex imposed a delivery deadline for themselves – overnight, not 24 hours later, not next day. It’s promise was cast in stone. Non of its competitors had ever made such a public promise or so bold a claim. Just by finding its USP and making a bold and loud statement, Fedex monopolized “overnight courier” in the minds of consumers for a long, long time. They have replaced this winning slogan with many other corporate slogans, with the latest one being “We live to deliver” but you still remember that they can deliver overnight, don’t you. I’m sure you also remember “It’s the real thing” by Coca Cola. Even if you were a Pepsi supporter, you have no doubts that Coca Cola is the first cola made, right? Not sure? Never mind, I’ve made my point.

Find your USP and you’ll find your direction in all your marketing efforts.

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10 Replies to “What’s Your USP?”

  1. Very good posts indeed. Your nine questions helps readers to think and reflect on their own products or services. Not many have a unique USP that demands attention.

  2. Thank you. Not easy to zero in an USP unless you know yourself, your product/services and SWOT very well. However, in a saturated market, it can make lots of difference if you have one.

  3. My name is Chris Carter of Super Power PC and I think I have grasped my ‘Unique selling Position”. I target the low-end computer market in Erie, Pennsylvania. I provide free computer recycling and a “zero landfill policy” and often receive units that are refurbished and sold in my retail locations to keep the program self-reciprocating.

  4. I think I have grasped my ‘Unique selling Position”. I target the low-end computer market in Erie, Pennsylvania. I provide free computer recycling and a “zero landfill policy”.

  5. thanks to this blogs to give the new information about the USP and business marketing. and many more thanks

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