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  1. Thanks for the link and thanks for continuing this important conversation. We really need to educate people—to stop those bloggers who violate copyright because they don’t know any better and hopefully to hurt the advertising income of those who plagairize intentionally.

  2. Vivienne,

    Thanks for linking to my post! I’m really sorry to hear about the problem you’ve had with the RSS feed blogs that swipe blog content and post it without permission and often without proper attribution. It’s really shameful that the blogger who used your content chose to close down comments, rather than face up to what he or she had done.

    Perhaps it would help to complain to the person’s web or blog host. It might even be helpful to name the site on your own blog, because perhaps the negative publicity generated by such naming will pressure the blog owner to take down your content.

    This is an important topic for every online writer, and you’ve done a great job highlighting it in this thought-provoking post!

    Hope you’ll be able to resolve this issue!


  3. Hear, hear!

    I spend countless hours on my laptop and iPad, trying to write the best content I can for my sites, even when I’m not in the mood. Imagine my horror the first time I found my content on someone else’s site!! I attempted to email the owner but the message bounced back.

    My content eventually disappeared from the site but I was ticked off for a couple of weeks. Now it’s a game of making sure that my best content goes on my site first, as I hear that Google gives credit to the first instance of an article. Any duplicate versions thereafter are seen as copies and are demoted, somewhat.

    This probably means that if I put an article on eZines, I can’t post it to my own web site because of Google’s restriction. And eZines won’t publish an article if they, too, find a duplicate version somewhere.

    It’s complicated but it’s also part of the game, I guess.


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