Farmer or Hunter During Economic Winter

Farmer or Hunter During Economic Winter

I was talking to a friend and he felt that one should not work too hard during the economic winter.

Farmers do not go out to sow seeds in winter. Instead, they visit families, eat and sleep (nice tradition for Chinese New Year). So should you. Take a vacation. Go away for a few months. Reserve your energy and resources during the Winter.

Sure, farmers do not sow in winter for all seeds will not bloom and grow in the cold. In fact, all farmers know the necessity of keeping enough food stock to survive the winter without working. The rich farmers can keep enough for reserve and sell the rest for profits, what about the poor farmers?

Businesses are like the farms. What happens to businesses that do not have existing activities that will tide them until spring comes? These businesses will not be able to act like rich farmers.

What does a poor farmer do during the snow-locked winter?

Let’s see … He has to take up a secondary profession or he will starve and freeze to death. He can elect to be Rag and Bone Man scavenging on whatever left and make a living out of it. He can also chose to be a hunter, take his rifle and make a kill for the table.

The chances of the Rag and Bone man picking up a diamond among the junk are slim. However, insightful detective work, powerful leg work and trained focus and patience can certainly land the hunter plenty of meat and bacon. I would elect to be the hunter. Load up the gun, dress warmly, pack enough food for a few days and then start out on the off-beaten tracks to scrutinize all the animal tracks on the ground and smell the scents in the air. Troublesome as it may sound, i reckoned the hunter has a better chance to survive winter. If the hunter is in luck to find several game tracks, he must be focused and decide if he wants to go down this or that trail.  He needs to examine his strengths, opportunity and resources to ensure a kill, otherwise the trip will be futile and possibly deadly in the snowy cold winter. Once he has decided what prey to bring down, he has to consider his strategy – pursue and chase relentlessly or select a great spot to wait for the opportunity before he strikes, or lay down some traps and wait patiently. The strategy will help him further decide the tactics to use.

What will you do if you were the poor farmer? Care to share your thoughts?

P.S.: I also like to tag Anja Merret, Calvin Warr, Lisa Tan-Koh, Laura Spencer, Robin BalSolomon , Walter Lim to carry on this discussion here and in their blogs.

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21 Replies to “Farmer or Hunter During Economic Winter”

  1. Diversify is definitely something for the poor farmer to consider. Winter months can be spent making wooden furniture or wrought iron products. Or it could be a time to produce jams and pickles from food harvested in autumn.

  2. Time to take up a new job, or diversify your current profession or business. For example, my ad agency has invested much more into new media then we have in the past, as well as taken on smaller clients than we used to. In this climate, you can’t keep doing what has worked for the last 20 years…you have to adapt or you might starve.

  3. Hi Jim
    You are absolutely right that we can’t just be doing what we were used to only. This is a tough time but it is where the tough gets going and really shine. Anyway, when the winter has arrived, how can spring be far off? I look forward to your visit again. It was really good to have you sharing your views and experience here.

  4. I agree to readapt or you’ll struggle but the greater question is whether you chose to live or exist … two very different things altogether. Whichever way you see it – it’s all in the conscious choices we make, irrespective of seasons we are in …

  5. Nice theme and I have responded to it in my blog! Haha…. Finally have the chance to sit down and do some serious philosophising after a non-stop, madcap hectic rush! Exploring new niches is one area, but one should also strengthen and build on one’s own assets when the snow falls.

    BTW, I am going for my studies soon in Melbourne, so I am “escaping” the “cold” and venturing into the “hot” – blazing in fact! haha

  6. I think both have pros and cons, a hunter might have bigger peaks and valleys than the farmer, the farmer may have stores put away for problem seasons, but if prey moves away the hunter is posed with a problem.

  7. Hi Walter
    Thanks for picking up the tag. Looking forward to hear your new happenings in Melbourne. I like Melbourne, nice place. :)

    === === ===

    Hi Matt
    Yes, no matter who you are and what you are, winter will be an interesting time to test our resourcefulness.

  8. Hi Vivienne,
    It’s a good discussion that’s brewing over here. And it is an appropriate time to have it, and my take is all things happen for our good. In times of prosperity we lose the sight of unforeseen situations. That’s in one way learning by making mistakes.
    I picked up your tag and wanted to share my feelings in my blog. Thanks for tagging me here!

  9. It’s an interesting question. My take on this is that you should do the same things during a time of economic hardship that you would do during any time, only more so. Some of those things have already been mentioned here, but I’ll list them again:

    * Diversify
    * Work Smart
    * Promote Effectively
    * Network

    Something not mentioned here, but that I am considering, is looking into residual type income programs.

    In fact, if you’ve set your business up correctly then it’s my feeling that the economic hardship may not hit you quite as hard. You may still feel the effects, but they will be muted by your proper management of your business.

  10. Hi vivienne, sorry for the delay, just too busy lately! done my own two cents worth and do check it out! Cheers! Have a great Valentine!

  11. The smart farmer knows that winter always follows fall. He knows it is coming and is prepared. The smart business owner knows that the ecomony always goes through cycles and is also prepared. He or she does not wait until the ecomony is into the down cycle to respond, just as the farmer should not wait until winter to decide which course of action to take. Thus, now is the time to plan for summer and the good times ahead.

  12. Hi Solomon
    Thanks for picking up the tag.

    === ===

    Hi Laura
    Yes, residual and passive income are something to add to earned income. Couldn’t agree more!

    === ===

    Hi bokjae
    No apologies required. Heh heh, better late than never :)

    === ===

    Hi Ron
    Agreed. Always sow, always nurture, always reap.

    === ===

    Hi Annie

    Thank you for your visit. Honestly, it was equally interesting for me to ponder and write, and then learn from the wonderful people who left their comments here or in their own blogs. Do visit again.

  13. My sentiment is with those who would believe this is a good time to start or grow a business. Competition is lessened and adversity makes one stronger. Plus, if one can make it in this market condition, they can make it in any market.

  14. Hi Fractional Airplane
    I agreed with you totally that anyone who can make it through an economic winter will survive to enjoy spring, summer, autumn and more.

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