Getting online is easier today

Getting online is easier today

We live in the Internet Age. Yes, this might sound a little cliche, but it is true.

This fact was hammered home to me the other day. I was talking to my friend about a good cancer doctor who was trying out a unique, holistic approach that seems to be working well. He was interested, and then asked the inevitable question “What’s his web site?”

Well, he did not have one. The reaction I got was one of shock and disbelief. You see, my friend thought that anyone involved in such “advanced” work, ought to have gotten his own web site a long time ago. It is more or less a given.

Today, we even get blogs for our dogs. So, the question then becomes, WHY don’t you have a web site?

Many small business owners today have their own web sites. Many don’t. Even for those who do have their websites, many find it difficult and/or expensive to upkeep. If you visit a site today, tomorrow and the week after; and each time you were there, it looked exactly the same, would you be back?

Despite the fact that there are many Content Management System out there, web site templates and other make-it-easy for you solutions, many still struggle getting even a token presence online.

I found a really good system. It is nothing new, but it is spectacular. Flash-based templates, editing on the front end instead of the back end, a-dollar-a-day cost and so much more. It was so good, I created a site using that system to market that system – in half a day. OK, technically, it took just an hour to get all the text typed in. But I was fiddling around with the images, graphics and so on. You know what it’s like.

You can take a look at it over here:

It is a really simple site and would not be of much use for anyone who requires more sophistication. But for the average small business, it is all you need and more. It looks professional, easy to set up, and most important, it is easy to keep updated.

There is really no excuse now for not getting online. Drop me a note. Let’s talk about this.

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